Project Based CV Drop (Content Creation, Marketing, Sales, Video Editing) (Remote)

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SLA is looking for stars interested in working on rewarding projects focused more on flexibility, new challenges, and contributing to tangible work outcomes, and less about job titles and full-time status.  

We are putting together specialized project teams to address specific challenges and opportunities in marketing, content creation, sales and video editing, and other areas that directly contribute to project success.

Make it even easier for us to check you out - use this CV Drop if your experience is in any of these specialized areas and we will contact you.

Please note that roles are on a project-by-project basis. Also, jobs are mostly remote so location does not matter but the quality of your work does.

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Function-Specific Questions

These questions are department and function related. If you're interested in working for a specific SLA department, please answer the question that pertains to that team below.

Content/Video: How do you measure and track content success?

Marketing: Please provide a link to past projects so we can check out some of the previous campaigns you have worked on

Other Projects: Please share links to previous work documents (comms plan etc) relevant to projects worked on in the past